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We are delighted to bring you details of our new Website containing information on The Textile Industry, namely, http://www.texprocil.com, a revolutionary Internet site that would allow organisations and Individuals all over the world to access the catalogues and data of of organisations involved in the Textile Industry … all categorised in many ways, including regional, alphabetical etc.

This is how it would work. Any person in any part of the world would simply key in their requirement related to the textile industry and would get a list of all the TEXPROCIL.COM members answering to that description. The queries can be further narrowed down to specifications of textiles, fabric details etc. Our search engine would then work its magic and within seconds, locate the member(s) that fits the keyed data.

In other words viewers can have a list of members and complete details on each Company whose catalogues and products are displayed on this site.

TEXPROCIL.COM subscribers would have a choice to put up two or more pages, including photographs and the logo of their Company. There is no limit to the amount of data a particular Company would want to put up on the Internet. Given below is a chart which would enable the subscribers to select the number of pages that they would want on the Internet and the amount payable under each category can easily be calculated.

Remember, you do not need an Internet connection to enjoy the business benefits described above. Persons who wish to make contact with you can reach you by fax or Email.

Since a large number of Internet users all over the world may prefer corresponding via Email, we have a special Email forwarding facility for members not connected by Email, where, we allot a Email box to the Company which would have an address for example xyz@texprocil.com. The inquiry, message, or booking would be communicated to the user Company, by Planet India Website. The mode of communication, however, remains the choice of the respective Company utilising this service, namely, fax, post, courier, etc. The reply would be processed similarly.

Member Companies would have the choice of leaving standing instructions with Planet India Website in case of general inquiries, Company details, location etc.

PLEASE DO NOTE that Planet India Website would be handling only those inquiries which are generated through the Customer mail box and not otherwise.

Since the entire task of putting together people of the textile trade on the Internet is aimed at promoting the Indian Textile Industry in a big way, we are requesting all such textile trade related organisations to participate.

Further details of this offer can be obtained by sending us an email to info@texprocil.com or Planet India Website's office at New Delhi, whose contact information is given below.

Cost structure

Please email us your company name, address and contact information and a price sheet will be emailed to you immediately.
( Please click on the underlined portion)

To Proceed further:
Send us your text and photographs.

Please calculate the amount payable according to the above chart.

Company Profile Details of Machinery and Infrastructure used in production
Product Range Details of any Hi tech equipment used in Quality control or the research and development in the Company
Photographs of products & works Brief about the Quality Control Department
Major Customers ISO certification, if any
Contact Information Any other relevant information
Export details including list of countries exported to    
For instance
  1. two page could contain a photograph of your Factory/ office, product photographs, contact information and brief write up on your Company.
  2. three pages could contain i) above plus information and additional photographs and write up of machinery used in your production.
  3. five pages which is the ideal package for any medium sized Company, could contain i) and ii) above alongwith information on R & D , export markets serviced, foreign collaborators, etc.
The mailing address and contact information of Planet India Website is as follows

NEW DELHI 110 016
TEL: + 91 11 6962129, 6858815
FAX: + 91 11 6510156

Email: salesdept@planetindia.net


The World Wide Web / Internet has today emerged as a key medium of disseminating information and exchange of data globally. It is one of the most powerful means of advertising, to an audience all over the world, your Company profile, products, Service and your Capabilities.

The Internet provides 24 hours service. Your Company catalogues and brochures can be recorded into the Main Computers connected to the Internet and more than 75 million viewers all over the world can view these files simply by connecting their own computers either at home or in the offices to the Internet through a telephone line.

This is a new opportunity available to business houses, Manufacturing units, export houses, to advertise their Facilities and Details worldwide with a view to strengthening presence in the international marketplace. For the export/ textile sector, which is a high priority area , this opportunity is of special significance. Most international OEMs, and business are already on the Internet and also utilize the Net for locating and sourcing textile related products from all over the world.

Planet India Website with offices in India, UK, USA, Germany, Hong Kong and Switzerland with this special Internet advertising services have developed this website containing, systematically, an ocean of information on the textile industry in India. This site would enable individuals and Companies all over the world, to obtain information and make order bookings with various Companies all over India. These very viewers would also obtain detailed information on Textile related Companies all over India. For instance, if an international Company is searching for a specified fabric he would be able to make and direct his specific inquiry to that Company whose brochure would be placed on this Textile Portal after going through the entire data on Textile related Companies in India. This he could do in the comfort of his office or house. Information on the Internet would include photographs of products, machinery, prices etc.

The rates are in two parts:

A one time cost of Designing the Pages.

An annual recurring cost for Computer

time for Hosting the pages on the Main Computer.

An optional annual recurring cost for Email forwarding ( detailed below)

At the outset, we would like to mention that every country in the world is now either developing or has developed a special Internet site, termed as the official Internet Site for promoting the textile Industry in the country. Since no such site exists in India, it is important to develop the same immediately so that THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY is promoted in the biggest possible way in India.

  1. The Internet has the maximum coverage than any other source of advertising. A viewership of 1 billion said to be growing at the rate of around 20% per month.
  2. By placing your establishments information on the Internet means placing your brochures available to be read by anyone in the world at any time.
  3. Most of the International buying houses and OEM's, Corporates all over the world are connected to the Internet. They rely on the Information available on the Internet to make their online bookings and obtain details on any part of the world, on the Internet.

Since most of the inquiries would be coming via Email, please note the following.

  1. Member Companies in metropolitan cities and other cities covered by Email would get the inquiries directly onto their computer.
  2. We have made special arrangements for member Companies not covered by the Email facility, to act as hosts for receiving their inquiries. The process would work as follows.
  3. We would be giving such members a Email account, which would be for instance xyz@texprocil.com
  4. All the inquiries and reservations would be received by Planet India Website and would be forwarded to the members by the method of their choice( FAX, Courier, Registered Mail or ordinary mail).
  5. Members would adopt the same method to reply to these inquiries
  6. This service would be provided to the members at an extra annual recurring cost. The cost of forwarding the inquiry would be taken on actual basis.



Highlights of the Foreign Trade Policy

The Hon’ble Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, had announced the Foreign Trade Policy on 8th April’05. Some of the Salient Features / Highlights of the proposals pertaining to Textile Industry in general and Handlooms in particular are. >> More

Salient features / Highlights of the Foreign Trade policy


Modern Processing Houses

The Indian Home Textile Industry has access to excellent infrastructure facilities and uses the latest technology and machinery.

Many manufacturers have set up state-of-the-art modern processing houses to roll out large volumes of high quality products to meet the international market demands and expectations. Needless to say that India’s Textile Exports have grown exponentially over the last decade.

Eco- Friendly Dyes: Use of Azo-Free Colours

The manufacturers in India are well aware that AZO free colours and dyes should be used. India has discarded the usage of banned materials in the dyeing process with safe substitutes, to ensure eco-friendliness of the products manufactured by the industry.