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Handbag: A Complement To Your Figure

Next to diamonds and shoes, handbags are a woman’s best friend. Women’s handbags serve two folded purpose. One as the containers of their valued possessions and the other as their fashion statements. Handbags are often used to express moods, individuality, style and status and have been one of the requisites of life for women ever since recorded history began. Articles found in a purse have ranged from ornate sewing scissors (17th century) to today’s compulsory cell phone and credit cards. Even though, it is not really worn so close to the skin but handbags of different shapes and styles flatter your figure by adding or reducing the weight that you appear to carry.

There are so many handbags on offer for you to select from to complement your figure and go with most of your outfits. Having the right handbag that appropriately matches with the style you are sporting is the most important part of your outfit. Whenever you are deciding to grab one of your designer handbags it is important to purchase the correct size that would match your outfits. For instance a large bag is very casual and should only be carried when you are wearing loose top or a skirt to match with whereas small bags with a shoulder strap are great match to a sun dress or jeans with a close-fitting top.

A clutch is a very versatile purse especially if it is black and can be matched with anything from a dress to an evening gown. Very dressy handbags should only be matched with upscale evening wear. Regarding your figure even though large bags are in fashion now, go for a round or square shaped purse if you are slim and tall and bottle shaped handbag if you of middle height. Make use of adjustable handles if it is provided with your bag and try to keep your handbags at your hip level or waist line.

Next important consideration while purchasing a handbag is the color which also plays a vital role. Availability of different color handbags allows you to carry handbag that matches the color of your outfit. Carry multi-colored handbag when you are wearing single-colored dress and vice versa. Handbags supporting season are also available.

Last but not the least is the dealing with the your handbag material. Leather is always all time favorite as it works for any situation and with any outfit. Apart from leather bag you can also go for stylish Fabric and Straw bags.



Highlights of the Foreign Trade Policy

The Hon’ble Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, had announced the Foreign Trade Policy on 8th April’05. Some of the Salient Features / Highlights of the proposals pertaining to Textile Industry in general and Handlooms in particular are. >> More

Salient features / Highlights of the Foreign Trade policy


Modern Processing Houses

The Indian Home Textile Industry has access to excellent infrastructure facilities and uses the latest technology and machinery.

Many manufacturers have set up state-of-the-art modern processing houses to roll out large volumes of high quality products to meet the international market demands and expectations. Needless to say that India’s Textile Exports have grown exponentially over the last decade.

Eco- Friendly Dyes: Use of Azo-Free Colours

The manufacturers in India are well aware that AZO free colours and dyes should be used. India has discarded the usage of banned materials in the dyeing process with safe substitutes, to ensure eco-friendliness of the products manufactured by the industry.